Monday, July 27, 2020

Important Facts About Erectile Dysfunction Due to Diabetes in Men

One health risk that must be faced by men when suffering from diabetes is experiencing erectile dysfunction. Not only does it cause insecurity, if left unchecked, this can also affect household harmony.

Therefore, it is important for you to know the following facts about erectile dysfunction due to diabetes.

Why diabetes can make men difficult erection?

In order for an erection a man needs healthy blood flow, a good nervous system, balanced hormones, and adequate sexual arousal. Meanwhile, when you suffer from diabetes, this disease will indirectly cause interference with the functions of these organs.

Diabetes can reduce the performance cialis 5 mg of the nervous system, blood vessels, and muscles needed to make a man erect. This condition as reported by occurs in almost 75 percent of men with diabetes.

How does diabetes cause erectile dysfunction?

The main relationship between diabetes and erectile dysfunction in men is in disorders of blood circulation and the nervous system.

High blood sugar levels can damage blood vessels and nerves in the body. When the nerves that function to control arousal and sexual response come damaged, it will make a man fail erection when having sex with his wife.

What are the characteristics of erectile dysfunction due to diabetes?

As a diabetics, you must recognize the changes in erection patterns that occur when having sex with a partner.

Is long time making love bush? Is the duration shorter than usual? Etc.
After that you can consult this matter with your doctor to get a diagnosis and proper treatment.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction due to diabetes

This disorder can be diagnosed in several ways. Starting from tracking medical history, to identifying diabetes medications that have been consumed.

Not only that, if deemed necessary the doctor can also ask you to do some tests in the laboratory, and conduct a thorough physical examination.

This physical examination aims to see if there are nerve disorders in the testicles or penis. The blood and urine tests are carried out to see the levels of the hormone testosterone in the body.
If all the results of these examinations have not been able to provide sufficient diagnostic results. The doctor can follow up further by conducting a test called nocturnal penile tumescence.

How to deal with erectile dysfunction due to diabetes

Men who have erectile difficulties due to complications from diabetes, can do several ways to overcome them. Some of them are:

Take medicine

When diagnosed with erectile dysfunction due to diabetes, the doctor will usually suggest several types of medication to overcome them. Some brands that are commonly used are Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis.

These drugs can increase blood flow to the penis and generally do not have adverse effects with diabetes medications.

However, because all three are very influential on the performance of the heart, then its use must remain in accordance with the doctor's direction.

Additional therapy

Besides taking certain medications, you can also do several therapies such as:

Intracavernous injection therapy

This therapy is done by injecting alprostadil fluid which aims to enlarge blood vessels.
The hope is that the flow in the entire body including the penis will increase, and eventually facilitate the erection.

Vacuum erection devices

It is a medical procedure performed by pumping the penis from the outside so that it can get an erection for a long time. This method usually uses a kind of tape attached to the penis during intercourse.

Sexual therapy

Involving counseling activities, this method is usually done with a therapist for several sessions.
During the session, the therapist will give you assignments to do with your partner at home, for example:
  1. Read a book about sex
  2. Practice touching certain parts of the body to provide sexual stimulation naturally, and
  3. Learn to communicate things about sexual satisfaction to partners with each other.
This activity is usually effective if applied to men who can still experience an erection while sleeping, physical examination results and normal blood tests, and in general do not have serious health problems.

Having erectile dysfunction is not a disgrace to be hidden. Instead of covering it up, you better try to overcome it by consulting a doctor.


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