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6 Image Optimization Tips According to SEO Rules

 Whether it's for your personal blog or your  online shop  site , knowing image optimization according to  search engine optimization  (SEO) rules is a must. At first glance, maybe you see pictures as decoration only.  Have a trace, that image can help you attract more visitors, you know. Especially if you practice SEO and use the right  keywords  . Want to know what to pay attention to when doing image optimization? Listen further, let's! Image Optimization Tips for SEO 1. Name the image descriptively The first tip is to name the image as descriptively as possible, but don't need to be wordy.  Make sure when doing image optimization for SEO, insert targeted  keywords  in the  file  name . Citing the Search Engine Journal ,  the  image  file  name will help  search engine crawlers  find out what topics are in the image. Do not use  file  names such as, “180092.jpg”, “image (2)”, and others. Say you are selling electric air freshe

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